Emmett Folgert

In April of 2012, the White House recognized Dorchester Youth Collaoborative Emmett Folgert as a Champion of Change as part of the National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention. Folgert is a founder and executive director of the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC), a 40-year-old front line, community-based agency that serves high and proven risk teens and their families. Emmett is a program developer, gang peace negotiator, public policy advocate, and social media producer. His experience includes creating workforce training programs for youth with criminal records, as well as direct service to street gangs, runaway and homeless youth, and substance abusers. He helped create several violence prevention initiatives including: Safe Haven Teen Centers, street worker outreach programs, the Massachusetts Statewide Violence Prevention Program, the Mayor’s Clean Team, and Safe City Academy, a work/study GED program. Emmett created the Center for Urban Expression (CUE), a program where adults and youth form partnerships to create high impact, pro-social media products that address the problems urban youth face. Emmett is a writer and producer of such media, including the Miramax Film “Squeeze.” He is a commentator on local and national print, radio, and television programs. Emmett is a guest lecturer in the Boston area and was one of many architects of the Boston Miracle, a highly effective community and police partnership that reduced violence in Boston.

emmett at WH

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Joe Burnieika, Board President

Judy McGuire, Business Manager

Greg Hill

Greg won the Root Cause Co-Innovator Award for creating “Safe City Academy”- a work study program for proven risk youth in Boston.

Greg has been the program manager for the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC) for six years. He previously was a Community Field Coordinator for Boston Public Schools, where his work focused on the most truant students and their families.  Greg also directs a mentor ship program at the Burke High School in Dorchester.