Please take a little time out of your busy day to read this story about one of our kids at the Dorchester youth collaborative. This is more than a story about one kid making it but rather a testament to Emmett and his staff and the work they do on a daily basis, year in and year out with hardly any money or recognition except that it works.

Like I have said in the past, a lot of people in this city talk about what they are GOING to do, Emmett and his staff do it every day.  I am so honored to be a small part of what they do and the DYC Board and I congratulate George and his brother for the success they have had and hope for many more in the future.


Thanks for reading,

DYC Board President


If you would like to support Johnny, George and other youth facing similar life obstacles you can donate today on this website or send a check to:

Dorchester Youth Collaborative
1514a Dorchester Avenue
Boston, MA 02122

Donations are tax deductible.


12/18 Original piece by Billy Baker in the Boston Globe.

12/19 NBC Nightly News Coverage

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