Experience College Through Breakdancing  – Summer Mentorship Program

Program Dates: July 11 – August 26

Open to students  13 – 18 years old

Cost: $300 / student (limited scholarships available)

Application Deadline: July 5 (rolling admission)

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bbm@dorchesteryouthcollaborative.org / 857-770-1052

General Information: 

  • Two-month summer program on Tuesday evenings and Saturday afternoons
  • Each high school student will be paired with a college mentor based on compatibility and goals
  • Representative colleges of mentors include Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Simmons, Northeastern, and Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Program will offer breakdance instruction, on-campus college visits, and individual and group mentorship activities

Weekly Activities:

Day 1: Breakdance Class (Tuesdays, 6 – 8 PM)

  • Held at DYC (1514A Dorchester Avenue, 02122)
  • Beginners breakdancing class taught with a college-tested curriculum
  • Curriculum covers all core elements of breakdancing including: TopRock, Footwork, Freezes, Power moves
  • Additional aspects will also be covered including: general fitness, nutrition, and cultural discussions
  • Open practice is available after class, should students choose to stay

Day 2: On-campus Visit (Saturdays, 2 – 5 PM)

  • Held on-campus, based on a rotating schedule
  • Students and mentors will participate in a guided campus tour
  • Lecture and discussion on a college-related topic including: college essays, financial aid, choosing a college/major
  • On-campus dance practice

(Optional) Day 3: Women’s Day (Sunday, TBA)

  • Held at DYC
  • All-female open practice

End-of-program JAM!
On the last day of the program, we’ll be organizing a competition/party for program members. It will be a 2-versus-2 breaking competition, where mentors and mentees are paired together and will battle each other. We will be inviting local dancers to come and compete as well, so students can experience a real battle setting!

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About Us:

In efforts to generate new interest in breaking and foster the next generation of bboys and bgirls, Tung Mai and Susanna Liu founded The Boston Breaking Movement, an initiative affiliated with DYC, providing breaking classes, cultural studies, and mentorship to college and high school students in the Greater Boston area.

Tung Mai: Tok’s Red Bull Dance Battle

A founding member of h00z baodit,  Tung Mai (dance name: Tok) has been dancing for over 9 years. Having found a community of urban youth at DYC (Dorchester Youth Collaborative) has sparked a love and interest in breaking that has only grown with each year. With a father who fought for Vietnamese civil rights in the 70s and 80s, and a mother who spent years in and out of sweatshops, Tok’s lifelong questions of place and identity within poverty and disenfranchisement were then shaped by his exposure to Hip-Hop culture. His experience has created a sense of purpose not only in his craft but the spreading of the empowerment it gives him. He has placed in many competitions in Boston, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Maine, and London – rarely winning but always willing. Now a state-licensed educator, Tok managed work/school/dance all the while developing a curriculum for the past few years that has finally become ready to be made more available to the overall community of dancers in Boston.

Susanna Liu: Queen NV’s Dance Trailer

As a member of the Supreme Beingz and Florox Crew, Susanna Liu (dance name: Queen NV) has 14 years of competitive breaking experience. During her time at MIT, she discovered breaking through the institute’s hip hop club. Her presence in the global breaking community grew as she continued traveling, competing, and winning various titles in the bgirl category during her years as a PhD candidate at Weill Cornell Medical College. She has also been very involved in the collegiate breaking community, having organized NYU’s intercollegiate battle “Breaks U,” and other collegiate breaking events. Queen NV returns to Boston, eager to expand her role in motivating the next generation of breakers, while hoping to stay somewhat competitive despite her intense work schedule as a management consultant.